Pupil checklist for motorways

From June 4th learner drivers have been allowed on UK motorways; the question is ‘when should the learner driver be allowed on the motorway?’. The answer should be when they’re ready for their driving test, can drive safely at high speeds up to 70 mph and have experience on dual-carriageways. Another important question tho’ is […]

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Being a safe driver

  Being a safe driver.  Upon passing your test I have no doubt you will be chomping at the bit to get out and drive here there and everywhere, this is great, keep practicing. Remember to practice and put in to action all that your instructor has taught you. So many people pass their test

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Night time driving

Night time driving …and how to do it safely After passing your driving test you may find yourself in a position that all of your lessons have been during the day and now you’re preparing to drive for the 1st time after dark. Knowing what to expect will help you make that 1st journey out

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New drivers and hazards

  Congratulations if you have recently passed your test, all that new found freedom and independence, it’s exhilarating. As exciting as it is it’s also worth remembering you are a new driver and you are still learning and getting to grips with the road. As a license holder you are now not only responsible for

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Buying your first car

Firstly congratulations if you have just passed your test, well done. You’re probably now chomping at the bit to own your own car, so in this blog I will try to give some helpful advice on when, how and which, happy reading.   When to buy A good time to buy cars is spring, simply

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Show Me Tell Me

As if you don’t have enough to think about on the day of your driving test please remember you will also be asked 2 vehicle safety questions, also known as show me tell me. The show me questions will be the examiner asking you where you might carry out a specific check i.e. “identify where

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The driving theory test

  Arrghhhh, as if passing your test was not difficult enough in 1996 the DVSA introduced the theory test, previous to this you were asked theory style questions during your actual practical test, some might say the separate theory test is easier…..the jury is still out. Since 1996 the theory test has changed considerably. When

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