Driving lessons on a budget

In this day and age we’re all looking for ways to save money whether it be shopping at discount shops for your food shop or looking for bargains on ebay.

Whilst we all love a bargain sometimes you get what you pay for and the cheapest driving instructor is not necessary the best, neither do you need to book the most expensive.

The best way to save money when booking driving lessons is to find out about special offers, like many industries driving schools offer special introductory offers, also ask about block bookings (for instance our 30 hour Fast Pass course, you can save as much as £60 on your lessons) (see here for more info on the 30 Hour Fass Pass course: https://surepassdrivingschool.com/intensive-driving-courses/30-hour-5-day-crash-course) .


Tips for finding the best instructor

  • Taking lessons with a school usually means regulated prices, more package options and better reliability
  • If you can’t book an intensive course or even a block booking, opt for 2 hour lessons – In a one hour driving class you may find that by the time you\’ve gotten up to speed with it your lesson is already finished.You may find you get better value for money if you take your lessons in two hour sessions.
  • Ask your friends for recommendations

One to one tuition

Make sure the instructor only does one to one tuition. Also make sure there is no piggybacking – It\’s when your instructor insists on picking up the next pupil towards the end of your lesson – before it has actually finished. You then drive home, and complete your class, with the next student as a passenger.

Weekday driving tests are cheaper (and easier to find)

In some cases a weekend test is your only option, however if it’s not, be flexible, weekday tests are cheaper. Don’t forget waiting times at test centres can be very long and the closer we get to summer the longer we expect them to be.

Beware of illegal instructors

To become a fully qualified instructor you need to pass 3 exams and then to remain on the register you need to have regular check tests with the DVSA, this is to ensure you (the learner) are getting nothing but excellent advice and tuition. Your instructor needs to be displaying an in date green or pink badge.

Trainee instructor

Once a PDI (provisional driving instructor) has completed all the training to be a driving instructor, they can then work as a driving instructor before passing their final exam, the advantages of a PDI or pink badge instructor is that they have been most recently taught the skills of teaching people to drive and will be equally if not more so determined to help you pass your test.

Lesson pricing

With motoring costs at an all-time high, how much do you think it costs a learner driver to become a fully qualified motorist?

Well, according to new research by MoneySupermarket it will cost the average learner £2,741 to gain their full qualification.

The average cost of a driving lesson is now £24, and with the DVSA recommend 47 hours of tuition under the supervision of a professional instructor, the total cost of lessons for a learner will be £1,128.

However, the DSA also recommends 22 hours of private practice under the supervision of a friend or family member who is over the age of 21 and has at least 3 years of driving experience.

This is where the biggest expense will be accrued as it is a legal requirement for the learner driver to be featured in a car insurance policy covering the vehicle they will be practising in. Data from the latest MoneySupermarket Motor Monitor suggests that the average driver between the ages of 17-19 pays approximately £1,422 per year for motor insurance cover. For further information on Learner Driver Car Insurance, head over to Compare The Market\’s learner driver insurance comparison page for an easy-to-follow guide.

There are a number of other expenses to be considered as well, including the cost of actually taking the mandatory theory and practical tests. Even if the learner passes both of these first time, it will still cost £85 to complete the tests.

Sound expensive? Well with Surepass you can make some savings. The 30 hour Fast Pass course we recommend for beginners, because the lessons are taken more intensively the learner will need less that the average number of lessons as quoted above.

The 30 hour Fast Pass course including both the theory test and practical test, prices start from as little as £637 (prices vary regionally).