How many lessons will I need?

I’ve worked on the phones at Surepass for around 9 years and one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘How many lessons will I need’ There is no set answer for this as everyone is different.

Take my driving lessons for example, I started at 17, stopped and started until I eventually passed my test at the age of 24. In doing it this way I think I spent about 5 times more than I needed to for lessons.

From my own personal experience, I would say once you start lessons, avoid at all costs stopping and starting. I restarted my lessons 4 times with 4 different instructors and each time I restarted I had gone back so many stages and forgot so much so I ended up paying for lots of lessons to relearn what I had been previously taught but had forgotten.

I did eventually pass and the feeling was up there with my wedding day and having children, suddenly I was free I didn’t have to schedule everything according to a bus time table or beg lifts from my nearest and dearest.

Most people will need between 25-45 lessons to reach the required standard but as I mentioned earlier everyone is different and just because your mate Dave passed after having just 25 hours does not mean you will. People progress at different rates and will be better at some aspects at learning to drive than others.


Crash course or not


Back to me (s’all about me), when I was learning to drive I had weekly lessons and as we’ve already gathered this took a long time. I had passed my theory test, then let it run out and had to pass it again. My sister did an intensive course (with Surepass) Did it all in one go, sadly she did not pass 1st time, she put it down to nerves but was successful on her 2nd attempt.

The advantage of an intensive course is that you do tend to need fewer lessons and the lessons are at a lower rate due to the block booking discount, however the intensive courses are not for everyone, you need to take in to consideration your level of concentration, the up front cost and your availability too.

Our Fast Pass courses can be worked around you, for example the 30 hour course can be done in as little as 5 days but you also have the option of spreading it out over a longer period for example in 2 hour blocks over 3 or 4 weeks.

If an intensive course is something you might be interested in, click here for a guide on how many lessons you will need:-

As a beginner the 30 hour Fast Pass course would be recommended for you. The 30 hour course includes the full syllabus to get you from novice to test standard (in most cases) The courses have an excellent pass rate and like I mentioned earlier are not necessarily completed over 1 week, we can work around your busy lifestyle. Here is an example of  the syllabus for the 30 hour Fast Pass course:-


Stage 1 (1-10 Hours)


  1. Controls
  2. Moving away
  3. Stopping
  4. Hill starts
  5. Turning left
  6. Turning right
  7. T junctions
  8. Crossroad’s

At the end of this stage you should be able to carry out the following without any help from your instructor:

  • Move away under control
  • Build up your speed to 30 mph using all the gears at the correct time.
  • Carry out simply left & right turns
  • Deal with simple T junctions safely

Stage 2 (11-22 Hours)


  1. Turn in the road
  2. Reverse round a corner
  3. Reverse & bay parking
  4. Meeting situations
  5. Difficult left turns
  6. Difficult right turns
  7. Difficult T junctions
  8. Difficult crossroad’s

At the end of this stage you should be able to carry out the following without any help from your instructor:

  • Control the car at slow speeds
  • Do the turn in the road, reverse round a corner & reverse park under control & accurately
  • Carry out difficult left & right turns
  • Deal with difficult T junctions
  • Use reasonable judgement in meeting situations and emerging from junctions

Stage 3 (23-28 Hours)


  1. Emergency stop & use of mirrors
  2. Pedestrian crossings & use of signals
  3. Overtaking
  4. Dual carriageways

At the end of this stage you should be able to carry out the following without any help from your instructor:

  • Stop the vehicle in an emergency under full control
  • Deal with pedestrian crossings safely
  • Show awarenes and anticipation when approaching pedestrian crossings and cyclists
  • Make progress by driving at a speed appropriate to the road conditions

For more information on the Fast Pass courses please click on this link:-

If the Fast pass course is not for you we have lots of other options to suit everyone, single lessons, block bookings are also available, have a look on our website

If you have any questions at all then please do get in touch with our dedicated team of account managers on 0800854140 we’re always happy to help J


Michelle Partington

Customer Support Manager

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