Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses, also known as crash courses, aim to prepare learners to pass their driving test in a short period of time through concentrated lessons. The choice of intensive driving course depends upon the knowledge, learning ability, current skill and prior driving experience of the individual learner.

What Are Intensive Driving Lessons - Is it the same as an Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving lessons refer to receiving a higher than average number of driving lessons per week, typically 2-5 hours per day. Lessons are conducted in vehicles with dual-control pedals to allow the instructor to take over as needed.

An intensive course is designed to teach all aspects of driving in a structured program over several days. Each day up to 5 hours of driving lessons and the course may last 2 days, 4 days or 5 days.

Do Driving Crash Courses include a Driving Test?

Yes, driving tests are booked when you invest in a Surepass intensive driving course. 

The goal of intensive driving lessons (sometimes unfortunately described as a crash course!) is to obtain a driving licence more quickly than through driving lessons paced at a 1-2 lessons per week rate.

Surepass will book both Theory and Driving tests directly for you through the DVSA. This removes the headache of trying to secure a test date yourself.

Is There A Guarantee That I'll Pass?

While we have excellent pass rates from our intensive courses, we cannot guarantee a pass result. We tailor the lessons to you and provide guidance about the test procedure, but the outcome depends upon your driving safe and legally during your test.

The DVSA runs all driving tests and they alone determine whether your driving is sufficient to award a pass mark. Those organisations that offer any kind of guarantee are promising something they cannot deliver.

Is There An Automatic Intensive Driving Option?

Yes, we offer intensive courses in both manual and automatic cars. Learning in an automatic allows you to focus on road skills without worrying about changing gears. Choosing an automatic intensive course and taking the driving test in an automatic car is a good choice for those wanting the quickest, easiest route to getting on the road. Our automatic intensive courses follow the same structure as our manual lessons.

Is an Intensive Driving Course The Right Choice For You?

Intensive courses suit those wanting to learn in a short time frame due to necessity or desire e.g. a new job, upcoming travel plans or simply impatience. They require commitment to concentrated practice. Consider your ability to absorb new skills under time pressure before choosing an intensive course of a suitable length. You may want to ask for advice using our on-site chat tool or calling our head office for advice on the best course.

How many hours of lessons are required to pass the driving test?

According to DVSA data, the average number of lessons needed to pass the driving test is 45 hours of instruction paired with 22 hours of private practice driving. Our intensive courses range from 20 hours over 1 week to 30 hours over 2 weeks of focused lessons. This is sufficient for most, but we can add extra lessons if more practice is needed.

How much are intensive driving courses in the UK?

Costs range from £367 to £973 depending upon the exams booked and the course duration and location. Our 2 day (10 hours) course starts from £367, while a full week 5-day intensive (30 hours) starts from £922. 

London and other metro areas are more expensive.

How do intensive driving courses work?

Each course has a clear syllabus which can be seen on the course page, linked further down. Lessons are scheduled over consecutive days of the week. The lessons are 3 hours or longer. 

These longer lessons permit deeper immersion of the student to practise and come back to skills such as  junctions, roundabouts, manoeuvring and parking. Experience of driving at different times of the day can help to build stronger road/traffic awareness. 

Short breaks are taken to avoid fatigue. Progress is accelerated through repetition in a short time span.

The Surepass Intensive Training Courses

2 days intensive driving course (10 hours)

Ideal just before a driving test for learners who are already confident and want structured practice to improve in specific ways. Click here for full details.

4 days intensive driving course (20 hours of lessons)

This crash-course covers all aspects of driving for learners with some experience of driving.

5 days intensive driving course (30 hours of lessons)

Full training for the new driver or for a nervous learner to build confidence behind the wheel. Find out more!

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