James starts his lessons


Don’t forget to take your provisional license 

So James had his 1st driving lesson on the 9th February. The instructor turned up early (for a coffee and a chat) James was literally brimming with excitement stood next to the front door waiting the whole time. Vicki finished her coffee and she’s good to go, this is the point James remembers he needs his provisional license (tut).


1st lesson nerves 

Although very excited James was also a little bit anxious. Knowing that ‘Big Blue’ was Vicki’s pride and joy (her car) he said he was nervous about being in control of the car and what would happen if he lost control.

I assured him nerves are fine and expected. I also assured him Vicki will always be in control of the car as she has her own set of pedals (dual controls) and during the 1st lessons it’s all about learning to control the car and after that he’ll feel more confident.

Off he goes:









What happens during the 1st lesson

So the 1st thing Vicki does when James gets in the car is the eye site test:- You must read a standard number-plate at a distance of 20.5 metres in good daylight.

Quite close to us is a nice quiet industrial estate, this is where James gets taken for his 1st lesson (his instructor drove to this location) then they swap seats. Vicki goes through the cock pit drill (in the right order :/).


So, 1st thing 1st Controls lesson

The 1st thing you will learn about are the controls, the instructor will explain to you what all the controls do, what the pedals are for and the levers around the steering wheel. There is a LOT to remember, but don’t panic the instructor will go over this again at the end of the lesson and will remind you again on the next lesson.

Learning your ABC’s

The accelerator, the instructor might call this the gas pedal as this is the pedal that controls the amount of gasoline being put in to the engine which in turn dictates the speed of the car. The accelerator is controlled with your right foot.

The brake, also operated by your right foot and is used to slow down/stop the vehicle.

The clutch, this is the pedal you will use when changing gear, controlled by your left foot.


Moving off

  • You should always be in complete control of the vehicle, it is important when you first move off that you are absolutely in control of the vehicle as it is the easiest time to demonstrate this to the examiner.
    • Know which gear is best for which situation – First to move off etc.
    • Start the engine.
    • Press the clutch pedal right down.
    • Select first gear.
    • “Set the gas” you will want to see the rev counter move just a little to around 1500 rpm.
    • Pressing the gas pedal just a little will give you enough power to move, but not that much you will jolt forward. Listen to the sound of the engine, it should be a purr not a roar!
    • “Find the biting point” – Slowly allow the clutch to rise up slightly. If it’s your first time in the car don’t worry if it’s hard to find the biting point, this comes with experience. You will feel the car respond a little and you should hear the sound of the engine drop slightly.
    • Put your hand on the hand brake, ready to release it.
    • Look all around you, start in your left blind spot or kerbside and go right around the car ending at the blind spot over your right shoulder. If there is any traffic or pedestrians, wait until clear.
    • If there is a chance that another road use or pedestrian will notice your signal then it is important to use the indicator. If there is no one there to notice your signal then do not use it. You may think it is just fair enough to use it every time, just in case, but show your examiner you are aware of your environment by choosing when.
    • If it is safe move off. Checking your mirrors and blind spot should have only taken a couple of seconds, if it is not clear wait and check again, if clear then release the hand brake and move off.
    • It is important now that you are moving that you do not delay anyone approaching from behind. Increase your speed reasonably quickly and move into second gear at the first opportunity.


Home safe and sound

James came home talking a hundred to the dozen all about his 1st lesson, he LOVED it. He now thinks he can drive better than me and points out all the things I do wrong when I’m driving (I’ve created a monster).


Thanks for reading my blog and speak to you again soon J

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