Meet the Chirps

Say hello to your little feathered friends.

Right then. Erm, well, hello. The lovely people at Surepass have asked me to introduce my family. You see, it’s not only the Surepass driving instructors who’ll be helping you pass your driving test. Oh no, we’ll be with you every mile of the way too, your feathered experts on your driving journey.

We’re the Chirps. We’re pass masters at learning to fly solo, and we want to help make your driving better, safer and the most fun you can have without wings. Meet the family:

  • Grandma Chirp has been driving forever. She’s always full of wise words and handy tips for driving safely, and she shares them with Grandpa Chirp every chance she gets. Which, of course, he loves. Ahem.
  • Grandpa Chirp is Mr Organised. Never seen without a hi-viz jacket and a red hazard triangle, he’s also a wise old owl when it comes to mechanics. A master of maintenance. A teacher of tyre pressures. And a whizz at fixing wings (obviously).
  • Uncle John is the theory master. You see, when you’re a bird, breaking speeds and stopping distances matter even more than they do on the road. So if you’re scratching your head and wondering how you’ll ever get to grips with your Driving Theory Test, don’t flap, just ask Uncle John.\"Unclejohn\"
  • Bobby is… well, he’s Bobby. Always somewhere to be, always rushing, always wants his cars (and his driving) to be cooler, faster, louder. Since he started flying solo he’s had a few scrapes and he’s learned a lot. He’ll tell you about them – if you can get him to stay in one place long enough.
  • Susie’s the baby of the family. She’s learning how to fly solo for the first time – and whilst that takes a bit of getting used to, she’s learning fast. You probably know what that feels like…\"Susie\"And then there’s me. I’ll just be glad when Susie and Bobby stop asking to borrow the car.So that’s our family. Ask us anything and we’ll do our best to help. And before you know it, you’ll have passed with flying colours and be free as a … well, you know.