My son\’s learning to drive

So here it my 1st ever blog :/

Firstly, to introduce myself, my name is Michelle Partington. I work for Surepass driving school and have done so for the past 9 years as CSA (customer service advisor) then as an account manager and customer service manager.

My role within the company is to look after our driving instructors and learner drivers, booking lessons and intensive courses “crash courses” and booking driving tests. I’m also a Mum of 2 boys, James (about to be) 17 and Oliver who’s 4.

So amongst other business lingo like pushing the envelope and blue sky thinking another phrase I\’ve heard is put yourself in your own queue….well this is where I find myself, in my own queue.

My son James turns 17 on the 9th February and will be starting lessons with one of our Surepass instructors in Wigan, Vicki Hulse. (

So 1st thing 1st, in true Michelle style, I applied for his provisional lic. Last minute, I was able to do this on line as he has a current passport, the alternative is to pick up the form from your local post office. I was really impressed at the speed in which it arrived. I heard it can take up to 3 weeks however I ordered it on the Thursday and it had arrived by the following Monday.

How to apply for the provisional license on line:

His 1st lesson was booked months ago as the instructors in our area are super busy at the moment. I booked a 2 hour lesson for his 1st lesson. I know during the 1st lesson there are things like eye sight check and cock pit drill and moving off and stopping so wanted him to get a good bit of driving done besides this.

Prior to his 1st lesson we\’ve talked about gears and the biting point and steering, push and pull….I\’m not a driving instructor but remember this from when I learned to drive (a hundred years ago). I also talked him through the cockpit drill which after speaking to his instructor I learned I had explained back to front.

His instructor has also told us to get his theory test booked and source some study material to help him prepare for it….. I\’ll be setting him up on Surepass do also provide some free study material, this can found at

James is at college at the moment so we are funding his lessons/license Costs and tests and study material (another reason to be grateful I didn\’t have twins).

The provisional license Was £34 as we were able to apply on line, however if you apply by post it\’s £43. The theory test when I get around to booking it will be £23 and study material will cost around £10. We\’ve gone for blocks of 10, so £210 for a block of 10 lessons……..he\’d better get me in a good nursing home in the future!

Some links you may find useful

How to book a theory test:-

How to book a practical driving test:-

Progress report sheet:-

Also a link with some advice for parents thinking about booking the intensive course: –

I\’ll check back in in a few days after he\’s had his 1st lesson ttfn

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