New drivers and hazards


Congratulations if you have recently passed your test, all that new found freedom and independence, it’s exhilarating.

As exciting as it is it’s also worth remembering you are a new driver and you are still learning and getting to grips with the road. As a license holder you are now not only responsible for you but for other road users and pedestrians, scary right?


You will already know the law about using mobile phones whilst driving, your entire focus needs to be on the road, so even if you glance at your phone to see who has text, this is diverting your attention and a lot can happen during that glance away from the road. Keep your phone in the glove box/boot, don’t be tempted to look at it for any reason.

It’s not only phones that can take our attention away from the road, picture this you’re driving along and the radio station your listening to, the adverts come on, TUT. You reach over to change station, nope more adverts, this is valuable seconds looking at your display instead of concentrating on the road….listen to the adverts. Set your station or playlist up before you move off (or tape, if you have an older car).


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Expect the unexpected

You probably expect other drivers to drive exactly as they should but they won’t and often, like you they may be new drivers or parents with young children in the car harassed with the “are we nearly there yet”.

Be prepared for other people to make mistakes. Keep well back from the car in front in case they need to brake suddenly or just decide they should have taken that right turn they just passed, be ready to react.

Remember too, if the weather is bad, you may need to give yourself a bigger gap between yours and the car in front and also adjust your speed according to the conditions.


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Stay calm and alert

Be aware that your mood can effect your driving. Avoid driving if you’re feeling angry or upset. Road rage is out there and a simple reaction to someone else’s driving can and has ended catastrophically. If someone else reacts angrily to your driving do not engage/respond.

Another major cause of accidents on the road is when people fall asleep at the wheel, or just loose concentration due to tiredness. Only drive when you feel well and alert.


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You may feel that all of the above are obvious statements but they are worth reminding ourselves of regularly, only recently I was distracted and only just realised in time that the car in front of me had stopped suddenly. Luckily I was able to brake in time….on this occasion.

Safe and happy driving

Michelle Partington

Customer Support Manager

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