Pupil checklist for motorways

From June 4th learner drivers have been allowed on UK motorways; the question is ‘when should the learner driver be allowed on the motorway?’. The answer should be when they’re ready for their driving test, can drive safely at high speeds up to 70 mph and have experience on dual-carriageways. Another important question tho’ is to check with the learner driver as to their needs too; motorways can be scary places for first-timers. So, here’s a quick check-list aimed at the learner driver for them to consider whether they feel ready for the motorway:

  • Do you feel confident?
  • Have you driven at high speed on a dual carriageway?
  • Have you practiced joining a dual carriageway, changing lanes, planning ahead, overtaking?
  • How do you feel motorway driving will be different from ‘ordinary’ driving?
  • How would you like your driving instructor to plan the motorway lesson?

It’s worth familiarizing yourself with the rules for motorway driving. Here’s a link to the special rules for joining the motorway, lane discipline, overtaking, stopping and leaving the motorway.

Happy motoring


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