Susie’s Learning to Spread her wings!

Right, let me just check if I have everything…

Comfortable driving shoes? Check. Sunglasses as it’s a gorgeous day? Check. Confidence? Hmmm…

I’m a little bit on the nervous side today so much so that I forgot to introduce myself! Hi, I\’m Susie, the youngest of The Chirps and today is my first ever driving lesson. Having just turned 17 my parents thought it would be a good idea to be more independent so I am waiting for the driving instructor to pick me up. All my family drive, they are really good too, so now it’s my turn.


Like the rest of my family I\’m learning to drive with Surepass. They\’ve seen us all through our lessons and tests and we all have a good pass rate. I just hope my first driving lesson will be successful and I can continue The Chirps legacy.

Grandma Chirp – our wise, old bird – tells me every journey starts with the smallest of steps and I shouldn\’t let my fears get in the way of being confident. It’s easy for her to say though, she’s been driving for years! But I am nervous as it’s something I have never done before. I’m sure it’s only natural.


Starting a car I don’t have a problem with, the hard work comes when I have to set off! Also, there’s a few manoeuvres I’m not looking forward to either like reversing round a corner, hill-starts and the dreaded three-point turn! But I’m sure once I have a few under my wings I’ll be fine!

The reason we use Surepass is simple. They are the best and have been for generations. They give you lots of advice, tips and guidance on how to be a better driver. The instructors are there to help you rather than make you more nervous and Surepass’ social media pages give you lots of fun facts, driving tips and great videos to make sure your lessons go as smoothly as possible.

Knowing Surepass is teaching me helps me relax a little. I mean, what could go wrong? Yes, I could stall but doesn\’t everyone do that? So long as I remember what the instructors are telling me then I should sail, sorry, drive through my lessons over the coming months.

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