Glenn is the greatest of all time!

I cannot rate Glenn high enough as a person and an instructor.

Glenn tailors his approach to your learning style and everything is explained in simple terms. He could teach a 5 year old about driving if it was allowed!

Glenn taught me with much patience and understanding, every mistake I made was laughed off, broken down and explained. He would also reiterate the good things I did to reinforce them. Glenn knew that I did not like to stay in my comfort zone and respectfully encouraged me to challenge myself.

On my lessons, he didn’t just keep me in my area, we drove in different towns/cities – in multiple areas, on various kinds of roads. He taught me how to drive, not just how to pass and because of that, I am confident on any road in any place.

Glenn was always calm, we had plenty of laughs, always made me feel at ease and I looked forward to every lesson.

Glenn is the Greatest of All Time. Again, I cannot praise him high enough as an instructor and as a person.

If you are going with Surepass, ASK FOR GLENN!