Thank you Dan !!!!!

I highly recommend Daniel Mcquillan from surepass Bolton, I did a 20 hour crash course with him which was split into 4 days. I honestly think he had enough of me after 4 days 😂. He is very patient and calm even if you accidentally hit the horn a few times while stalling 🫣. Aside from teaching you how to drive he helps you find the best way you can concentrate while driving, which massively improved my driving. Dan’s words ‘If you concentrate better by talking to your self do that, the examiner won’t mark you on your mental state just your driving skills’. The amount of time Dan just sat there and allowed me to talk to my self while driving says alot about how committed he is for you to pass. If at any moment I felt overwhelmed or wanted a break we’d hop out of the car and talk about it and then talk about something completely different to calm my nerves. I was really nervous about my test and wasn’t sure I was ready but if Dan thinks you’re ready you are ready. He will never take you to the test centre if he doesn’t think your up for it. Although I know he doesn’t want any thanks, he 1000% deserves it. I don’t think any one would have put up with my yapping or helped me pass first time with 2 minors in 4 days but Dan, can’t thank him enough !!! Thank you Dan !!!!!