The driving theory test


Arrghhhh, as if passing your test was not difficult enough in 1996 the DVSA introduced the theory test, previous to this you were asked theory style questions during your actual practical test, some might say the separate theory test is easier…..the jury is still out.

Since 1996 the theory test has changed considerably. When it was 1st introduced there were fewer questions and no Hazard perception, the hazard perception element of the test was in fact only introduced in 2002.

Click here for the history of the driving test

As it stands the theory test consists of 2 elements the Multiple Choice section and the Hazard Perception element.


The multiple choice element

For this section you will get a 15 minute practice session 1st, use this to get used to the format of the test. Once the test begins you will have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions, to pass you will need to score at least 43/50.

The Hazard Perception Element

This part of the test you will be shown 14 clips, each about a minute long showing everyday driving situations, each clip will show at least 1 developing Hazard (one of the clips will have 2).

To score on this test you need to click when you see a potential hazard start to develop and again each time something changes to show the hazard developing further.

You will score a maximum of 5 on each hazard, the quicker to spot the hazard the higher the score.

Don’t try to beat the system, this system is very clever at spotting click patterns and if they suspect you have just clicked over and over again, you will score nothing for that clip.

To pass the Hazard perception element of the driving theory test you will need to score 44/75….so practice practice practice!

Click here for a video about the theory test


How to book a theory test

  • To book a theory test you will need your provisional license to hand (you will need your driver number off there).
  • You can book the theory test before you turn 17 as long as the date of the test is after your 17th birthday
  • An email address, confirmation of your booking will be sent to you by email.
  • The cost of the test is £23, so you will also need a debit/credit card to make payment
  • Then practice practice practice.

Find your closest theory test centre using this link

Book your theory test using this link



You need to take your provisional photo card licence with you when you attend the theory test, if you forget it, you cannot take the test.

Who doesn’t need to take a theory test?

You will be exempt from taking the theory test if you:

  • Are swapping from an automatic licence to a manual licence
  • Held a full motorcycle licence for 2 years or more

How to prepare yourself for the theory test

The DVSA recommended study material includes the highway code and also the learning materials that include the theory test question bank, mock tests and the Hazard perception clips Click here for free study material from Surepass.




Good luck, happy/safe driving and thank you for reading my blog

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